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Please ensure the following information is provided by COB Friday 12 November 2021.

1. An electronic copy of your PowerPoint Presentation using the template provided: Widescreen - 16:9. (Please inform Alignment Event Solutions should you be using an alternative platform to PowerPoint)

2. If playing a YouTube video; please provide the link and also include the link on a blank side in your PowerPoint presentation.

All information is to be provided to: E: P: +61 420 636 757

An updated version of your PowerPoint can be provided on the day of the conference if any last minute minor adjustments need to be made.


Please bring with you: A USB stick with a copy of your presentation and a copy of all video and audio files separately so they can be re-linked if required.

On first arrival: Come say hi at the registration desk to collect your program and name tag. We'll tell you where you're presenting and also introduce you to the AV team who'll make sure your presentation has been loaded correctly.

When presenting: Make sure you are at the room at least 15 minutes prior to your session commencing, 30 minutes if you haven't already uploaded your presentation.


Please contact Alignment Event Solutions if you require further information or have any questions. 
E: P: +61 420 636 757

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DISPLAYING POSTERS: Posters will be displayed for the duration of Ideaction.2021 electronically at your preferred location. 

Poster Presentations MUST be created in PORTRAIT format, ensuring they fit to the Poster Boards provided.

TITLE: Main poster title should no smaller than 48pts.

OTHER TEXT: Text in the body of the poster should be no smaller than 22-26pt.

CONTENT: Use these tips to help develop a great poster. The poster should:

  • Be a visual representation of your submitted abstract
  • Be self-explanatory in the event you are not present to explain the content
  • Include an introduction, body and a list of conclusions
  • Make the flow of information explicit and easy for the eye to follow eg. organise the poster in columns running down the poster rather than in rows
  • Use numbering and bulleting to highlight important points
  • Use short sentences
  • Not be loaded with large amounts of data, methodology or reference lists
  • Have short titles for each illustration


  • Posters need to be provided to the Conference Organiser's as a PDF document by COB Friday 12 November 2021
  • Posters will be on display at ideaction.2021 Part Two    

Require further assistance? If you require more information on preparing your poster, please email